Clearing north wall ivy (Dec 2017)

Clearing ivy from the north wall (December 2017)

A working party of volunteers gathered together to strip away the ivy (and other vegetation) from the northern wall of the abbey site (also known as the southern boundary wall of the parish churchyard).

Over a single weekend – 3rd and 4th December 2017 – our dedicated party worked closely on the wall. Historic England had provided detailed guidance on the right way to clear the vegetation; and we were very careful to cut ivy away from the wall (so as not to disturb the fragile cement).

See below a collection of images, from over the weekend, taken by Sue Ablett:

Many thanks to everyone for all their hard work; it was much appreciated and a massive help! It was amazing to see how much we achieved!

This work has made a wonderful difference along this section of wall. The images below, by Stan Brotherton, provide a comparison of the condition in early November 2017 and, then, in mid-December after the clearing work):

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