Overview of the proposed Abbey Grounds Garden

There are a number of options available for the development of the southern section of the abbey site (the abbey grounds). Key options include the following:

Option A: Retain/re-let as allotments.

Option B: A garden commemorating of notable figures linked to Evesham Abbey.

Option C: A garden commemorating the Battle of Evesham and Simon de Montfort.

Option D: A garden presenting incidents from the life of the market town of Evesham.

If this southern section is developed as a garden, then access will be via the cloister garden by inserting a doorway in the southern internal wall. Depending on permissions, and nearby work, it might be possible to have public access from the abbey site to Little Abbey Lane.

Design / development

The design of this garden has not been determined and will be subject to future discussion and agreement. In the meantime this area is expected to be retained as allotments.